Our World, Our Lives


WWW.COVID19-YOURVIEW.CO.NZ grew out of the need to provide balanced opinions from around the globe on the Covid19 Pandemic.

I created this website to bring together some of the comments, research and evidence of the 2020 Pandemic named Covid-19.

Every corner of the globe has been touched by Covid-19 in some way.

No other international event at anytime in our history has been written about, commented on, politicised on, protested against etc etc, than Covid-19 has.

Alongside this “pandemic” there has been much civil unrest in response to it, and the resulting government lockdown actions that have been imposed on the human population. Now there have been awakenings around the world of mass protests and the rise of fake news.

What I have seen, as many others have seen also is that in the public and private domains there is a tremendous amount of truth, half truths, facts, evidence, fake evidence, misinformation, lies, conspiracies, etc etc and anything else you like to call what people and authorities are saying about Covid-19. So much so that it is impossible to determine what the real truth about Covid-19 is.

I created this website to bring some of the information together that main stream media don’t like to report on.  The goal of this website is to try and provide a more balanced view of what is going on with the pandemic and to bring together all the voices who have ideas or opinions about the pandemic. So its “your view” as opposed to the “official narrative” view.

It is my determination that there are only two general points of information that encompass everything, that I think most would agree on:

  1. Some people are dying from flu like symptoms that some are calling corona-virus.
  2. Governments around the world are locking down countries and restricting people’s movements.

What is becoming apparent from this “pandemic” is people are concerned with their livelihoods and their freedoms being severely restricted through government lockdowns that have been created in order for them to “contain the virus”. There is global unrest and protests due to the conflicting opinions about the pandemic, to the point that some don’t believe Covid-19 exists at all.

This website is to bring together information from a variety of sources from around the globe, so you can have enough information available to make your own determinations about Covid-19 and whether or not to be vaccinated. Already we have seen global tech giants and governments trying to suppress information and opinions. As the saying goes, there are two sides to every story. This website is to be the other side of the main stream narrative.

If we do not have the right to express our opinions and share our views then we no longer live in a democracy. Even established facts of law can be disputed and may not be truths for everyone. The same is true for Covid-19.

What we as individuals and “one people” must not do is to force our opinions and our beliefs on to others. It should be up to the individual to choose what information they wish to receive so they can decide how best to respond to such information. And we should not knowingly put others in danger. I say knowingly, because living life itself is always a risk to oneself and others. And we must balance that risk as best we can, for the good of all.

Lisa Cowe

Christchurch, New Zealand