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RNZ ~ Social Media & Misinformation

Chief Sensor David Shanks is the man in charge of censoring all sorts of film and literature content. I guess he has some sort of influence when it comes to regulation of what is said about anything online. This article is about disinformation and misinformation which seems to be all the rage for the NZ Government at the moment, especially if such information is against what they want people to be exposed to when it comes to do with matters of the Pandemic and the Covid vaccines.

Govt. & Main Stream Media

What is becoming increasing noticeable is that the main stream media is becoming more of the mouth pieces for the Government’s narrative with regards to the pandemic and the vaccine. Millions are now turning to other media sources to get the real news and what is happening around the world, as governments and Big Tech firms try to silence any form of alternative opinions.

  CNN ~ Protests In Sydney

Here’s what CNN had to say about the lockdown protests happening in Sydney Australia. Some say that NZ will be next with mass protesting vaccines and lockdowns. What was once dubbed freedom of speech is now called “reckless and self-defeating”. I say, not so when you consider that the governments response to the pandemic has already cost the lives of many people.