Vaccine Reactions

To receive the vaccine or not? – that is a question that is on many peoples minds. There have been a disturbing number of adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines not just in NZ but around the world. We can only hope that our NZ government picked the right vaccine company – Pfizer, to be the people responsible for putting some foreign substance into our bodies. Reactions are common to all vaccines. With the evolution of social media, many are posting their reactions from having had the Covid vaccine. There are many harrowing stories with reactions from none to flu like symptoms, pain, blood clots, heart disturbances and even death!

Many people including doctors and other authorities cannot understand the logic of a huge mass vaccination programme on a population such as ours. In more than 18months only a handful have died from the covid virus in NZ. Even though the government continues to state that people continue to escape isolation Covid does not seem to be making its way into the community.

Before I ever get the vaccine these are the questions I would like answered first by my doctor:-

  1. Has the vaccine been tested on people with my specific medical conditions – list them – if so what was the outcome
  2. Has the vaccine been tested on people with my blood type.
  3. What are the chances I will get an adverse reaction to the vaccine, and if I do what support is available to me.
  4. Can you guarantee that if my existing medical conditions get worse anytime, it won’t be because of the vaccine.

If the doctor does not recommend I have the vaccine, I will ask him for an exemption letter.

I will brave the vaccine hub when it comes to Chch and put those questions to the vaccinators as well.



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